How to Choose a Fulfillment House in the UK

A fulfilment house is a warehouse-based business that will store, pick and pack orders for your company. They may also handle returns and post-sale client support. They are an excellent solution for small businesses that are unable to afford or justify the cost of their own storage and shipping. Go here

Choosing the right fulfilment house is not an easy task. There are many fees to take into account, so it is crucial to know exactly what you’re getting into before you sign on the dotted line. Typical costs include storage fees, which are usually charged in terms of how much space your stock takes up in the warehouse – either per pallet or cubic feet. There are also set-up fees, which cover the initial work needed to get your stock ready for picking and packing. Some companies will include the cost of packaging in this fee, which is a huge bonus – if you’re paying for each individual Jiffy bag you could save a fortune!

Inside the Warehouse: Exploring the Operations of Fulfillment Houses in the UK

The UK has a well-developed ecommerce market, and working with a fulfilment center or prep center can be a great way to tap into it. However, a number of factors can make it difficult for new entrepreneurs to find the perfect partner.