Women Work Out Wear That’s Fashionable, Comfortable and Versatile

women work out wear

Women work out wear should be supportive, comfortable and versatile enough to take you from the gym to brunch. A well-fitted sports bra keeps you feeling confident as you work up a sweat, while high-waisted leggings with unique prints help you get that model-off-duty look. We’ve got a variety of leggings and tights that move with you, plus tops and accessories that give you the perfect workout look.

While women work out wear has long been a staple in most wardrobes, fashion-forward pieces specifically designed for exercise haven’t always existed. But when the fitness craze began in the 1970s, women’s workout clothing quickly became popular—as evidenced by vintage photographs and illustrations, like this one from Essence that features Sandra Timble, a marketing associate who takes stretch-and-tone classes at her employer’s on-site gym. Timble is wearing a light-colored pullover and dark sweatpants.

Maximize Your Workout: Top Picks for Women’s Workout Gear to Boost Your Performance

A well-fitting pair of leggings is a training essential, but baggy pairs can snag on equipment or ride up during intense workouts. These stretchy leggings from Fabletics have a comfortable waistband and seamless design to keep you distraction-free during your session.

Wellness-focused brand Alo Yoga is a go-to for stylish, high-performance workout apparel. Their leggings feature four-way stretch and breathable fabric that moves with your body, making them ideal for yoga. The brand also offers a range of “Core” colors and limited-edition trendy shades, so you can mix and match for your perfect look. And the label’s sleek hoodies are designed with high-necks and slimming panels that keep you covered while looking cool.