Eucalyptus Sheets

eucalyptus sheets

Eucalyptus sheets are known for their breathability, which helps keep eucalyptus sheets cool and dry throughout the night. These sheets also have a luxurious feel that makes them worth the splurge for those with sensitive skin or allergies. They’re also resistant to bacteria, and they limit exposure to pathogens. While most eucalyptus sheets are made with Tencel, some are blended with other fibers for an affordable alternative. If you want to make sure you’re buying a quality set, look for the label “TENCEL” or “TENCEL® Lyocell,” which is an indicator of high-quality cellulose.

Embrace Eco-Luxury: The Allure of Eucalyptus Sheets for Sustainable Comfort

While the word “eucalyptus” is commonly associated with eucalyptus sheets, most eucalyptus-derived sheets actually use a wood-derived fiber called cellulose (not to be confused with a synthetic fiber like polyester or nylon). Cellulose can be created by dissolving plant material in a chemical solvent and then pushing that solution through an extruder to create fibers, Gopinath explains. Typically, this type of wood-derived cellulose is made with the pulp from plants like eucalyptus, beech, birch, or spruce. But, when you see the term “Eucalyptus Lyocell,” it’s more likely to be referring to a specific type of wood-derived fiber from Lenzing, called modal or Tencel.

The best eucalyptus sheets have a silky, satin-like feel that’s cool to the touch and soft against the skin. They’re wrinkle-resistant and stay smooth after several washes. For fuss-free bed making, look for a fitted sheet with an elastic band around the corners and a tag that indicates which side goes on top.

Passover Programs

Passover Programs

Pesach programs are kosher accommodations that are designed so Jewish travelers can stay in a hotel, resort or private home for Passover without worrying about whether the location has Chametz or that the food is contaminated with leavened products. Most programs have a mashgiach that works closely with the hotel or resort chefs to ensure the quality of all the food. Typically all meals are included in the cost of the program and often there are also 24 hour tea rooms. Some programs serve gebrochts and kitniyot, while others do not.

There are Passover Programs available in many locations around the world, from popular beach vacations like Kosherica’s program at PGA Resort in Florida to ski-focused options like VIP Kosher Tours in Mexico. In addition, most programs offer a range of activities for the kids including day camp and teen programming as well as evening entertainment on Chol Hamoed with known performers.

The Top Kosher Passover Programs in the U.S.

As far as the future of Passover Programs, Weinberg says that “Next year is going to be interesting.” He expects vendors to demand more money upfront or for full payments and that force majeure clauses will be added to contracts. He also believes that smaller, less established program operators may not survive this year. He suggests that some caterers who were set to cater multiple Passover programs this year are now selling a la carte meals directly to consumers, as is the case with Michael Schick Catering in New York.