Spray Foam Insulation – Eliminate Drafts and Live in a More Energy Efficient, Comfortable and Healthier Building

Spray foam insulation is the best home and commercial insulation available. It provides an effective air seal and protects against air leakage which accounts for 10 to 40% of home and commercial energy loss. By preventing air infiltration and reducing unwanted noise and moisture, spray foam insulation  helps save on utility bills and reduces mold growth.

What is the value per inch of spray foam insulation?

Foam insulation also helps strengthen the walls and roofs of buildings, which improves their structural integrity. Additionally, the open cell and closed-cell spray foams used by Revamp LLC offer improved thermal performance compared to fiberglass batt insulation. Closed-cell spray foam has the highest R-value per inch of any insulation material and can help increase the efficiency of a heating and cooling system.

A spray foam contractor will also use blower door testing to determine if the ventilation system in your house needs to be upgraded after a spray foam job. A blower door test is an instrument that measures the amount of air pressure in the attic. High attic air pressure can cause the HVAC ducts to draw in air from inside the house, possibly forcing attic air into living spaces. If this is happening, the solution is to add a dehumidifier to the attic or run an AC duct into it to create positive pressure for make-up air.

Spray foam insulation is a complex installation process and is not something that can be easily cobbled together by the homeowner. Professionals are required to use specialized equipment and follow strict safety practices. If they are not careful, a single mistake could lead to physical damage to the wall or ceiling.

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