Post Foundation Repair

A FCS Foundation And Repair is a great option for anyone who’s tired of bowed floors, slanted walls, or ceilings that sag when you walk across them. Unlike slab foundation repair, this process is completely non-invasive because all work is done from underneath your home in the crawlspace. In fact, you’ll only be inconvenienced during the day or two it takes to complete this foundation repair method.

This method of foundation repair uses helical piers (made from galvanized steel) that are driven into the ground beneath your home and then rotated to support the load of your house. Because of the way these piers are designed they can penetrate through the heavy soil that often causes a sagging foundation and bowed floors. Find out

Cracked Slab Foundation Repair: Strategies for Restoring Stability and Safety

During this process, it is normal for the wood floor joists and framing to shift and slant. As this happens, you may hear some popping or cracking noises. These sounds will usually disappear within a month. However, if they continue to happen you should contact your foundation repair company.

It is also common to discover plumbing issues during a foundation lift. This is because the lifting of your foundation relieves a lot of stress on your plumbing lines. This pressure can cause lines to separate from the wall or even break.

The good news is that these problems are usually minor and easy to fix. Your foundation repair company will make sure the slanting or shifting is resolved and any leaks are stopped. Additionally, they will make sure that the dirt that was removed to put in the piers is properly backfilled so there’s no standing water or other drainage problems that could create new damage.