Choosing Large Industrial Caster Wheels

large industrial caster wheelsLarge industrial caster wheels are designed to haul heavy loads with ease. They can be used in a variety of applications and are often found in industrial setups where a load hauling capacity of up to 5000 lbs is required.

Choosing a good caster is very important for ensuring that it works to distribute the weight properly and evenly. It also needs to be able to withstand the use it will receive.

In addition, the type of material that a wheel is made from will also influence how it performs and wears down over time. Casters that are made from steel or polyurethane will last longer than those that are made from plastic or wood.

The diameter of the caster wheel will also impact its load capacity. Larger diameter wheels are more durable and can handle rougher surfaces better than smaller ones.

Rolling Giants: The Benefits of Large Industrial Caster Wheels for Heavy Equipment

Choose from a variety of caster designs and sizes to ensure you get the best fit for your application. Some of the most common options include swivel, rigid and brake casters.

Brake casters are great for light duty applications because they can be locked and unlocked with a foot pedal on the side of the caster. They also take up minimal space and are easy to install.

Floor locks are another popular option. These prevent equipment from rolling away from a desired position and are a great way to protect floors in industrial environments.

Casters with steel wheels can withstand temperatures up to 700 deg F. Spanner bushings may start to anneal at higher temperatures, so it is recommended to talk with our engineering department before using these in high temperature applications.