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Many of the current generation of PC owners are diehard fans of one genre of computer game: online strategy games. For them, the best games online come down to two contenders: Cityville and Fall Guys. If you are new to these games, you should take a look at our comparison page between these two top games. You will find out for yourself which one is your favorite, and which one you think is the strongest competitor in the online strategy games market.

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Cityville is the oldest and the most popular free online game, boasting more than a million downloads to date. Although it started as a simple game based on city building, the Cityville game today features a wide variety of challenges, levels, goals, and characters to fight against. The developers have managed to successfully create addictive gameplay, and the game has become the leading strategy TubeGame on all leading gaming portals.

Fall Guys on the other hand, is a completely different game from Cityville. Although still in development, the latest version of Fall Guy offers a whole new set of challenges to its users, including a unique storyline, a brand new battle arena, a whole new set of weapons and vehicles, and a lot more. The best games online for both Cityville and Fall guys include both of them on our list of top games, so you can choose one of them to play when you get some free time.