Thermoplastic Markings

thermoplastic markings

Thermoplastic markings are a durable type of pavement marker that can be used to clearly mark lanes, legends, symbols and other markings on roads and parking lots. They are thicker and more durable than paint and come in a variety of colors with the option of adding reflective glass beads for improved visibility at night.

Most people have seen the long white and yellow lines that are painted on the road or parking lot indicating lane boundaries. These are called thermoplastic markings and they help people navigate roadways, follow laws and navigate public spaces safely and effectively.

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These markings are designed to be more visible than painted lines and can withstand harsh weather conditions and chemicals like oil and de-icing salt. They also can be made highly reflective allowing drivers to see them even in the darkest of nights and during the worst storms.

The two main types of thermoplastic markings are regular and preformed. Regular thermoplastic is mixed and applied on site with specialized equipment engineered to keep the mixture hot, allowing professionals to shape it into any pattern or design on-site. Preformed thermoplastic, on the other hand, is manufactured into its final shapes ahead of time so it is ready to go as soon as it arrives. Professionals will place the solid sheet out on the ground and heat it with torches to start the adhesion process.

Many businesses choose to use preformed thermoplastic for their parking lot markers because they are easy to apply, look great and can last much longer than paint. The added durability also allows for less frequent reapplications, saving money and keeping the pavement looking new and clean.