How to Weatherproof Wood and Protect Your Family From Weather Damage

Many people are learning how to weatherproof wood at home. This involves protecting wooden surfaces from moisture damage, often caused by rain or other water-carried debris. Weatherproofing wood also makes it easier to maintain the appearance of your home. Here we will provide you with three simple tips to help you weatherproof your wood and protect your family from wood rot, too much sun, too much snow, ice and more! Read More –

How to Weatherproof Wood Doors For Outdoor Living

Prepare the surface for weathering: The first step on how to weatherproof wood involves preparing the outer surface of your wood. For outdoor surfaces you should cleanse them of all grit and dust, removing stains as you go. A clean surface also ensures a better seal with outdoor waterproofers. Apply a general moisture-resistant solution to remove mold, mildew or dirt. Let the solution sit for five to ten minutes to remove surface moisture, then apply a protective coat of finishing that is designed specifically for outdoor use.

Choose wood waterproofers and sealers: When you’ve finished cleaning, pre-drilling and sanding your wood surfaces, you’re ready to choose your wood sealers or waterproofers. Oil-based or water-based products can be applied to your outdoor surfaces and can be found at any hardware store, home center or online retailer. Some sealers, however, aren’t meant for use on all types of wood, so it’s a good idea to read the label. Oil-based products tend to be more effective against bare wood, but may strip the varnish or paint on your outdoor surfaces if used on treated woods. Water-based products are generally more effective against all types of outdoor wood, although you need to check the label.