What Is a Private Rehab?

Private Rehab is an option for those looking for addiction treatment in a comfortable environment. Private pay rehab centers are located throughout the country making high-quality addiction treatment a possibility for many people. This article will discuss what a private rehab is, how they differ from public facilities, what to look for in a facility, cost considerations, and how to find one.

In addition to individualized care, private rehabs have more staff and resources available for developing programs that incorporate a variety of treatment approaches. This enables them to better address specific concerns, such as co-occurring disorders, which may occur in those who suffer from an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Often, private drug rehabs have much shorter waiting lists than their public counterparts. This translates to quicker entry into the program, and can be vitally important in an addiction recovery scenario.

A Holistic Haven: Comprehensive Care in Private Rehab Centers

Because private programs have a greater range of resources, they can also offer more amenities than their public counterparts. These include, but are not limited to:

Unique therapeutic accompaniments — Beyond standard therapy sessions, private drug rehabs may also have the ability to provide additional therapeutic modalities for their patients. Examples of these may include art or music therapy, wilderness therapy, equine therapy, holistic therapies (yoga, massage, Reiki, and acupuncture), and nutritive support.

Because private drug rehabs typically have a wider scope of services and amenities, they can also tend to be more expensive than public facilities. However, with many options for financing addiction treatment, including health insurance coverage through the Affordable Care Act, and a variety of sliding fee scales, deferred payment programs, and private loan options, costs do not have to be prohibitive.