The Essential Components of a Commercial Coffee Machine

commercial coffee machine used

Having commercial coffee machine used   in the workplace can be a great advantage for businesses. They can boost workers’ energy levels, helping them focus better at work. Additionally, drinking coffee can reduce employees’ stress and anxiety, leading to higher productivity levels. Moreover, coffee can help workers break the ice with each other and bond with coworkers in a social setting.

Compared to domestic models, commercial coffee machines have greater capacities and more advanced features. This allows them to serve a higher volume of customers in a shorter amount of time. In addition, they are typically made with more durable materials to withstand rigorous use in a business environment.

The Savvy Barista’s Choice: Finding Quality Used Commercial Espresso Machines for Your Café

One of the most essential components of a commercial espresso machine is its boiler. It is a cylindrical copper tank that heats and stores pressurised water from the pump. Water is then transferred to the group head at the right temperature for extraction. The best commercial coffee machines feature dual boilers to optimise workflow and create consistent beverages. For example, the Synesso S Series features paddle type group heads and intuitive volumetric controls to make it easier for baristas to prepare drinks with maximum efficiency.

The KB90 is an innovative machine from La Marzocco that makes high-volume cafes more efficient and productive. Designed for fast service, it improves workflow by eliminating the need to refill the portafilter and reducing wrist strain. It also uses a saturated group head to maintain consistency and a steam flush system that eliminates the need for manual cleaning after each extraction. This can help to reduce the risk of contamination.