Maldives Travel News

Maldives Travel News

With its My Maldives  white sand and striking turquoise water, the Maldives is the ultimate beach destination. While the water is certainly the main attraction, there are plenty of other things to do beyond soaking up the sun on a stretch of sand or exploring the underwater world — including music and dance performances or taking a day trip to a local island to learn more about traditional life.

The Maldives is a Muslim country, and while many of the local islands have beaches, you’ll need to be fully covered when visiting public ones. However, many of the resorts have a dedicated beach for tourists, often called Bikini Beach, where topless sunbathing is allowed. It’s a great spot to enjoy the sun without getting the stink eye from locals.

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If you want to take a day trip, speedboats can be your best friend. While they’re expensive — $25-75 USD per person each way from Male to the surrounding atolls — they depart frequently (often once or twice a day) and you can avoid paying extra for a ferry ticket.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, many travellers are hesitant to visit the Maldives. However, the government is continuing to work hard to make it as easy as possible for visitors to come here. Curfews have been lifted in the capital city, and it’s now possible to receive a COVID-19 vaccination in advance of your trip, if you’re a foreign national. And while the cost of airfare and a new mandatory bed tax are increasing, it’s still a cheaper option than other South Pacific beach destinations.