Land Rover Defender Vintage

land rover defender vintage

The classic land rover defender vintage is one of the most iconic and storied vehicles ever made, it has been driven by farmers and royalty while also serving military purposes and in recent times it has become a popular 4×4 for overland camping builds. Despite its age, the defender has never been short of upgrades and restorations, some of these can be done in the US without importing the vehicle.

The Defender is an iconic British vehicle that carries much of its history and heritage with it. As such, it has a very high demand and is very hard to find in the US.

A rare US-delivered Defender is worth a fortune, mainly due to the fact that they were sold up until 1997. However, these cars are quite a rare sight to see in the United States as the Land Rover Defender hasn’t been produced there since 1993.

Buying a Vintage Land Rover Defender: Tips for Inspecting, Negotiating, and Closing the Dea

Customized by UK based Arkonik for a couple who love to hit the open road, this 1995 110 Defender is a great example of how you can turn an old-school off road machine into a luxury SUV. The car comes fitted with a Ginger Auto Grain leather interior, Evander wood steering wheel, Black suede heading and a touch screen display with Apple CarPlay and Pioneer reversing camera.

Powered by a 5.0-liter V8 engine, this Defender is backed by an eight-speed ZF automatic transmission. Its off-road goodies include a front winch, multi-point expedition cage, roof rack above with spotlights and underbody protection. The A-bar and raised air intake are also in place, while a x4 rectangular LEDs up top provide additional lighting for the adventure ahead.