How to Compare EV Cars Online

We’re used to looking at the miles per gallon of a car when new-car shopping, but electric cars have their own metric: miles per kiloWatt hour, or ‘miles/kWh’. It refers to how many miles an EV can travel on one charge and a higher number means greater efficiency. It’s a good thing that electric vehicles are getting better and better at this, with 2024 bringing longer-range EVs than ever before.

The e-car compare ev cars isn’t just about big, showy SUVs, either. Plug-in hybrids, or PHEVs, combine an internal combustion engine with an electric motor to offer a great range of passenger and cargo space in a familiar vehicle layout. They can also be charged using L2 charging stations, meaning they can even keep your home or workplace powered in a power outage.

Until recently, the only choice for a seven-seater in an all-electric car was a van-based MPV that doesn’t exactly ooze street cred. But the Kia EV9 is changing all that and offers plenty of room, an ultra-smooth drive and the fastest charge times around.

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While the focus on EV prices is rightly on making them more affordable, there are still some hefty bills to pay upfront. Thankfully, there are now a good selection of low-cost electric models with prices starting at under PS20,000. And with the likes of Rivian and Tesla taking their business model a step further by bypassing dealerships altogether, you can shop online and pick up an EV to suit your budget and lifestyle in no time at all.