Fast Acting Industrial Doors

Fast acting doors are the ideal solution for warehouse and factory environments that need to maintain easy access, workflow and temperature control. They can help to isolate plant areas and speed up forklift traffic while providing excellent hygiene control and energy efficiency.

They are also great for cutting down on noise pollution. Conventional industrial doors can create a major noise problem in these busy areas. But, with opening speeds of up to 3m/sec and closing at 1m/sec, these high-speed doors are able to reduce this noise significantly whilst keeping workers working unimpeded.

Exploring the Benefits of Fast Acting Doors for Industrial Applications

Regular maintenance is important for any type of industrial door, but fast acting doors are especially susceptible to problems that can cause downtime and damage to the system. Depending on their operating environment, dirt, moisture or corrosion can impact how well the system works. Similarly, the coil cords used to relay the signal from the sensor to reverse the door can get snagged by passing forklifts and cause accidents. Luckily, most high-speed doors are designed with a soft bottom edge that flexes around obstructions to prevent entrapment, and they have breakaway technology that resets the door following an accidental collision.

Aside from these safety features, fast-acting doors can help to cut down on costs in a variety of ways. They are extremely efficient at insulating a building, which means that the heating and cooling systems do not have to work as hard. In fact, they can even help to qualify a facility for LEED credits in the Energy and Atmosphere and Indoor Environmental Quality categories.