Quick Bee Proof Hummingbird Feeder

Hummingbirds derive the energy they require to maintain their high metabolism mainly from flower nectar as well as the sugar water they find at feeders. The reason why these lovely birds have surprising metabolism is that they are small. Small animals have a larger surface area to volume ratio, which means they lose heat a lot faster than larger animals. Consequently, they breakdown calories more quickly to compensate for the rapid body heat loss.

Best Quick Bee Proof Hummingbird Feeder Selection Tips

If hummingbirds frequent your yard, then you probably understand how these peaceful birds can be so timid and fearful. Hummingbirds are nervous and easily frightened off, they don’t like so much disturbance. In order for these backyard visitors to feel comfortable and at home, you need to provide for them an environment that is completely without any form of disturbance or deterrence.

Insects are among the greatest threats to these lovely yet very fearful birds. Insects such as bees can make the life of your regular feeder visitors quite difficult. Bees will invade the feeders where you provide sugary water for the birds, deterring the birds from drinking the water, and the worst part is that these insects are hard to bar off with a moat since they fly. Luckily, bee proof hummingbird feeders are available on the market for this sole purpose. These feeders help hummingbirds replenish themselves, without bee deterrence. This is an additional advantage because regular feeders deter bees.

Choosing the Right Bee Proof Humming Bird Feeder

With so many varieties of bee proof feeders that are available on the market, selecting the right feeder can prove to be quite a challenging task. You have to take so many things into consideration, including feeder material, the ease of use and maintenance of the feeder as well as many other things. Here is a quick summary on how to pick the right feeder from numerous bee proof humming bird feeders which are available out there;

1.Plastic Feeders

If you opt for plastic feeders, the feeders should be reinforced with metal around the feeding ports to deter squirrels. And perches should be metal.

2. Moisture Consideration

Only select bee proof humming bird feeders with moisture-resistant wooden parts. Make sure the parts are painted or stained to prevent moisture damage.

3. Ease of Use and Maintenance

Only choose anti-bee feeders that are easy to use and maintain. This will ensure filling, emptying and cleaning is performed without trouble.

However, even with bee proof hummingbird feeders, a little extra caution is necessary because when the birds gather around the feeders to replenish themselves with the fluid, they lap rather than suck up the sugary water. This will leave some sweet residue on the surface of the feeder near the feeder ports, which the bees will quickly locate. So, when you see bees on your feeder, do not panic and feel duped. Just wipe the surface, cleaning off any sugary spills with a wet cloth and the bees will go away. The sweet residue is what attracts these insects.


Hummingbirds require only three things to encourage them to return to your yard often; something to eat, something to drink and the right feeder that will deter threats like insects. Bee proof hummingbird feeders are an incredible way to attract these little birds to your yard.