Hostgator vs iPage

Web Hosting services are regarded as highly important in today’s era. There are many popular names in the market regarding the provision of web hosting services. However, it is iPage and Hostgator that seem to be the most talked about. Both of them have been in the market for around 10 years, and are hence the most sought-after web-host offerings. However, people do sometimes question which of the two is better. The following article attempts to delve into this, and compare the two web hosting services:-

Hostgator vs iPage

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  1. Overview of Hosting Plans

iPage:- iPage is a provider which only provides one web hosting plan to all of its customers, pretty much like the one-size-fits-all type. People do get the option of opting for add-ons to make their plan more customized, and to suit their needs better. That being said, it is clear that there are not many options available; however, this must not be understood that the single plan offered is bad. In fact, the plan offers unlimited storage space, domain names, and free databases, which is great.

Hostgator:– In contrast to iPage, Hostgator has multiple web hosting plans to offer to its potential customers, even at the shared hosting level. Even though all of the available plans come with unlimited resources allocations, the ones that are more expensive also provide additional domains, and bonuses like dedicated IP addresses and SSL certificates.

  1. WordPress

iPage:- This service provider has two plans dedicated for WordPress users. While the basic plan is almost identical to the generic shared plan, it is the premium option that comes with extra benefits, such as themes and plugins, etc.

Hostgator: – Despite the fact that Hostgator attempts to facilitate its users who are also WordPress users, it does not have any specific plan dedicated for this purpose. However, support is guaranteed, and installation of WordPress is made one-click.

  1. Control Panels

iPage: – Control panels are very important, especially for customers not so well adept in domains of developer knowledge. Hence, for this purpose, despite using the popular cPanel as the basis application, iPage has attempted to modify it, allowing customization, and enabling a sleeker design, with quick and easy access.

Hostgator: – Hostgator allows its customers with three different types of control panels, depending on the time of package that they have selected. The available options are cPanel, WHM and Plesk.

  1. Uptime Guarantee

iPage: – iPage is so confident in its service provision that it provides around 99.9 % of its users an uptime guarantee. This guarantee lasts over 11 years in total.

Hostgator: – Again, 99.9 % of all the customers are allowed uptime guarantees. If, for some reason, someone feels like their obligation has not been met, they are supposed to request credit for the following month’s hosting.

Both of the service providers are excellent in terms of web hosting. However, it depends on one’s personal need and requirement that which of the two suits him/ her best.